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10 December, Record online(NY)
Concert review: St. Petersburg Men's Ensemble at Grand Montgomery Chamber
Accordian accompaniment added astounding color to the concert.

29 December, China Daily
Russian Ministry of Sound

2 January, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (PA)
New Kensington's Bruno noted for accordion work

6 January, All About
Ten Years Ago: Galliano, review with video clips

8 January, The Villager (NYC)
Still pumping the squeezebox after all these years

8 January, Times Online (UK)
PLG Young Artists at Purcell Room, SE1

8 January, Sudbury Star (Canada)
Duo make sweet sounds
There's no simple way to describe Erosonic's sound, which mixes sax, accordion

11 January, SF-Gate (San Francisco (CA) Chronicle)
The City Exposed: The Corner Accordion

11 January, The Independent (UK)
Album: Galliano/Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Ten Years Ago, (Milan)

12 January, Los Angeles Times (CA)
Review: Yo-Yo Ma masters Golijov's "Azul"

13 January, Paste Magazine
A Man of Somebody's Dreams: A Tribute to the Songs of Chris Gaffney

Blogs of Note

Let's Polka: a blog devoted to all things accordion

Squeezytunes: a blog covering electromechanical and mechanical keyboard instruments (ie. not modern synthesisers), including all types of organs, squeezeboxes and pianos

TDA's Wall of Wheeze: the official blog of Those Darn Accordions

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